By DJ Makto

During the confrontation between Parker and Grace, at the beginning of Avatar, it is mentioned that the relations between the humans and Na’vi have been deteriorating. And that the humans offered things like roads and medicine.  This indicates that relations between might have been amicable if not merely neutral for diplomacy to occur, at least in the RDA’s early presence on Pandora.

James Cameron of course, has repeatedly referenced both contemporary and historical themes. Thus, it would not difficult to see some of the similarities between the Na’vi and the indigenous people of Americas or one of the many countries that were colonized by Europe. One could make the conclusion that the RDA had an interstellar “manifest destiny” corporate culture among most of their employees. Understanding that history tends to repeat itself, it could be speculated that, the Na’vi faced an Outside Context Problem. An Outside Context Problem, a term coined by the science fiction author Iain Banks, is a situation that arises when something previously inconceivable occurs—the arrival of a technologically superior race and subsequent annexation of Pandora would be a good example. Because the Na’vi could not consider the possibility that humans existed and were unaware of treacherous and destructive nature of the RDA, the Na’vi likely carefully observed the newly arrived humans rather than show hostility and attempt to repel the incursion. Some form of diplomacy might have occurred between humans and Na’vi later in the formative years of the Avatar program, with Avatar drivers like Dr. Augustine at the forefront of the efforts.  As hinted further in the movie, there is a great amount of subterfuge on the part of the humans in explaining their interest in relocating the Omaticaya from their hometree (diplomatically or forcibly). The rest of the story we know—escalating tensions that eventually lead to war.

The relations between humans and Na’vi in the early years can be debated in a number of ways. Though history provides a good, logical framework what might have led to the events of Avatar. The Cylons in Battlestar Galactica said it best: “All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again.”