It was revealed a few weeks back that Lightstorm Entertainment (Avatar’s production company) signed a long term lease for studio space in Manhattan Beach, California, though few details were released beyond that.

Today however, an interview with producer Jon Landau by the LA Times has shed a little more light about the facility that we now know to be located in the MBS Media Campus here is what is now known about the new home and “heart” of Avatar:

  • James Cameron and Jon Landau briefly debated building their own studio and sound stage to accommodate their needs.
  • Lightstorm has signed a five year lease.
  • The leased 115,000 square foot space includes a 45-foot tall sound stage, dressing rooms, and office space.
  • The new studio is more than twice the size of the Playa Vista studio that Avatar was originally filmed at.
  • Under the terms of the lease both Lightstorm and Carlyle Group (the owner of the facility) will spend more than $5 million dollars for various improvements, including two gyms (one for employees, and one for James Cameron),  A private screening room for James Cameron, a commissary, and solar panels to provide power.
  • Avatar is tentatively expected to begin filming summer of 2012 (This figure has since been revised to summer of 2013).

This is an exciting development, I for one eagerly look forward to hearing more.

The original article can be read here.