Founder and Host
After seeing Avatar for the first time in January 2010, Yasu immediately sought out Avatar fansites and podcasts where he could relive the experience with other like minded fans.  Unable to find any active podcasts, Yasu decided to start Avatar Nation with several other like-minded fans.


Co-founder and Co-host
James had been following Avatar and its production for a while before the movie came out. Once it did, it exceeded all of his expectations, leading him to delve further into the fandom of Avatar. As the front-man, and in partnership with Yasu, he pushes forward to keep the spirit of Avatar alive with all.

Being an Aerospace Engineer, he tends to be a bit more mechanically minded and loves all the aspects of human technology within the Avatar movies, and in their production as well. You’ll see him chime in the most when talking about the Tech of Avatar.


Co-host & Cosplay Expert
Input Content