All the grammar and pronunciation notes related to the sentence Apxa tìvängìl poti steykoli as featured episode 2 of the Avatar Nation podcast.


Apxa tìvängìl poti steykoli

Root words:

apxa: adj, large

väng: adj, thirsty

po: pn, him

sti: vin, be angry


Adjective/noun pairs: adjectives always have an ‘a’ attached to them when used to describe a noun. The ‘a’ must be in between the adj and the noun “pointing” to the noun. Remember the rhyme: “a points the way to your noun today.” (lame, I know but believe me it helps to remember this)


tì- turns verb or adjective into noun

<eyk> causative, position 0. Makes an intransitive verb transitive. This does not happen on “si-verbs”

<ol> past perfective aspect, position 1. The action has been completed but not necessarily in the past. More on this in a later lesson.

Agentive/patientive case endings used with transitive verbs as seen in the previous lesson.