I must confess that I am a Doctor Who fan in addition to being a Avatar fan. So imagine my surprise when I saw some rather similar story elements in the latest installment titled “The Rebel Flesh”.

Without giving any critical spoilers away, the story is set on a remote island on earth sometime in the distant future. On the island, an unnamed corporate entity is pumping a valuable but highly corrosive liquid back to the mainland. Vaguely familiar? However the work environment is so hazardous and deadly to the island’s workers that they have to remotely control exact replicas of their bodies called “gangers”, which need to be mentally controlled via a control bed (in which the operator’s real body is unconscious). Eerily familiar now?

Granted the similarities end there. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and got a kick out of seeing the the echoes of Avatar resonating throughout the story. Later elements in the story (which will go unmentioned so as not to reveal any more spoilers than I have) led me to wonder about the avatars in Avatar, Are the avatar’s really empty vessels as the movie would have us assume, or is there more to them than we have seen so far?