Lenition and Plurals:

Lenition is the changing of the first letter of a word for ease of pronunciation when a lenition causing prefix is added. The letters that lenit are:







‘–>nothing, it vanishes (except in the word ‘u [must always be ayu, u cannot stand alone] and in front of pseudo-vowels ll and rr.)

The plural prefixes are as follows:

Me+ dual (2)

Pxe+ trial (3)

Ay+ 4+ and general plurals

All plural prefixes are lenition-causing, indicated by the +

Note: when using the ay+ prefix on a word that lenits (i.e. tute) you have the option of leaving off the ay+ and just using the lenited word (sute). This only works with ay+ though.

Infixes (Part 1):

To start with, I want to introduce you all to the basic tense infixes of Na’vi. They are:

<ay> future

<ìm> immediate future

<asy> future, determined

<ìsy> immediate future, determined

<am> past

<ìy> immediate past