Its with all the rampant speculation of whether Avatar Land at Walt Disney World was really going to happen or not, its probably at this point safe to say that the Avatar Land teaser section at this year’s D23 has put those rumors to rest.

At first impression it all looks like a weird mash-up of a fabrication room at Weta Workshop and  the traveling Avatar Exhibition. Closer inspection however reveals number of interesting things that might hint at what the Imagineers at Disney have in store for fans.

The ultimate safari?

Judging by the cleverly designed luggage tags, safari gear, and Indana Jones style fedoras its clear that someone has been on a big research trip to Pandora. Also the fact that Burbank airport has a functional spaceport with roundtrip flights to Pandora is a stunning revelation for many.


29A? I wonder how much leg room coach has on a flight to Pandora?

Jon Landau?

If this photo is any indication, it looks like Jon Landau was a member of the expedition.


A canon guide to Pandoran flora?

This handy chart depicting silhouettes and their scale is exciting on a number of levels, for starters its a nice list with names that has never been seen before elsewhere. And even more interesting is the potential that there might be a bona fide Pandora forest waiting for fans in 2015-2016.


Some fascinating notes about the Na’vi


Ranging from interesting insights about Na’vi physiology.


To hunting tactics.


And most fascinating, is the possibility of new Na’vi clan songs, perhaps even sung aloud as some part of the attractions? Awesome!

Na’vi Language playing a significant role at Avatar Land?

IMG_2351If indeed the Na’vi language with play a large role in various parts of the park, I for one do hope they have consulted Dr. Paul Frommer and the langauge resources of the Learn Na’vi community.

General observations and speculation

While it probably is far too early come to any conclusions of what sort of rides and attractions will be in Avatar Land, we could hardly pass up the chance to throw out a few fan predictions:

An Ikran/Banshee ride

I count at least nine ikran models or drawings, which would strongly suggests the possibility of some sort of ride involving them.

Bioluminecent forest

There are lots of plant models and drawing present as well, which suggests that they will be trying to create a genuine Pandoran forest. though it would be an incredible twist if the Imagineers were able to create flora that was not only bioluminecent–but also reacted to touch as many of the plants did in the movie.

Avatar fans have a lot to look forward to when Avatar Land finally opens. You can see the full photogallery at

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